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What is wrong with some people anymore!

I was on social media when I ran across a tweet between a disappointed fan and NBA Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas so I had to check it out. Isaiah was recently in the news and not necessarily all good news. His 22 year old sister Chyna was killed in a car accident and he was criticized for playing in the playoff game and crying!

The man just lost his sister and everyone and their mother is talking shit yet through his tears and his strength, he scored thirty plus points even though they lost that game. How insensitive can you be about someone going through a tragedy like that!

I also read on social media that he didn’t travel with his team for a Game on Friday and some fans became outraged and one in particular tried to drag him for it.  Saying that he bought tickets for his son and that Isaiah was his favorite player.

Isaiah and the fan exchanged words on twitter  according to this tweet. See link below. Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas lashes out at disappointed dad on Twitter http://nydn.us/2nAzFtc

Now I don’t know about you, but I probably would’ve responded the same. I can understand that the fan was upset but you have to show empathy for someone going through tragedy. I thought it was insensitive for the disappointed fan to respond that way.  Isaiah was a lot nicer in his response than I would’ve been!

I would’ve gone for broke letting him have it to the point that he probably wouldn’t be come back for anymore. But I’m not a celeb so the outcome may have been different lol. This situation just pissed me off and I couldn’t sit back without commenting.

Isaiah Thomas, you keep doing you and I’ll keep being a fan. Don’t let petty, insensitive ass people bother you because have a lot of people supporting you. Stay positive and productive Isaiah!

                                              Until next time…with Chocolate on top!

Basketball wives LA…TOO MUCH DRAMA!

I like watching the show basket ball wives LA but im so sick of the same old drama all the time. I believe that these women could do a lot more good if they just accepted each other for who they are instead of expressing themselves in a negative way. I stopped watching the show for a season or two because I felt like there was nothing but negativity.

In recent months catching up on episodes on Hului see can tell that some things haven’t changed much! I’m all about having fun and watching season 4 really told the story of people behaving much of the same Jackie Cristie is still the drunk that she is and having several personalities especially when drinking. Somehow I think she means well LOL!

Mylasia is a different type of chic, I love how she kicks off her hills and get straight Compton on you in 0-60 seconds. But she needs to chill on that because she’s a beautiful individual but her actions show the immature side of her. 

Friendships has many facets, just like anything else!

Here are some of the emotions that myself and my friends have experienced throughout our friendship!

When we’re going through relationship issues with a spouse and your BFF IS ALSO YOUR CONFIDANT:

How in the ham sandwich did this happen on my watch…not that you were really watching for this outcome!

Usually when you’re feeling good about yourself and think that there’s no wrongdoing on our part in the relationship…and least you feel that way at the time!

This when you’re enjoying a little “me time” and not giving a what about anything but your own self preservation and peace!

Too much fun until things get real!

When y’all agree on more than one thing!

When your BFF tells you something that blows your wig back…what!

What is with people being rude! And I don’t take it personally!

Its not ok to be rude to your friends drunk or sober! At the end of the day its all about unity not division. I know that there are times when I have “round table discussions with my real friends and things go awry! However, we usually work it out and stay all good…until death do us part!

Later in life I decided to re-evaluate all of my relationships, friendships, and even associates are important in this sweeep lol!

At any point I can feel jealous about my friends not spending time with me but spend alot of time with their other friends and not knowing them is two issues that we havent really talked about and then you cancel on me…biaaach please! Not to mention that I havent seen you for a while, Girl bye!

I completely understand the frustration that may occur in ’tis situation but you have to give a person a chance to explain there actions too. Sometimes, circumstances dont allow for someone to be there and sometimes its hard for the other person to understand that. Hey, were not perfect or the world would be boring!


Ive learned not to ale (take things personally) and love “everyone” no matter what because “everbody” needs Love!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top[!

I’m removing my implant after reconstructive surgery…Not healthy!

I might sound crazy but beauty is not only skin deep, but knife deep sometimes! Let me say this….reconstructive surgery is not always the best choice for some after a mastectomy let alone a double mastectomy!

Nobody talks about the aftermath of breast cancer that depicts on your health and financial means! I try to wear a smile no matter where I am because I’m happy to be alive!

                                         Until next time…with Chocolate on top!

Lymphedema and the struggles that are associated with it!

I am a breast cancer survivor that developed lymphedema approximately five- six months after breast surgery. It didn’t help that I was also going through chemotherapy at the same time. In fact, it caused my extremities to swell even more. It all started when I took a nap one day and woke up to my arm being swollen beyond belief. I couldn’t believe it!  I thought to myself this cant be happening…but it surely was. 

I went to the emergency room to get it checked out and it seemed like forever before they confirmed what I’d already figured out. I now had lymphedema and needed to start treatment as soon as possible and I did but I didnt know what to expect. I was nervous and anxious to find out what my treatment plan was because I wanted to get this thing under control.

I read about this condition when I was first diagnosed but no one ever thinks its going to happen to them until it does, including me. I was a little naive when thinking about it but the reality is that there are people living with this condition that aren’t breast cancer patients. 

According to http://www.mayoclinic.org, Lymphedema refers to swelling that generally occurs in one of your arms or legs. Sometimes both arms or legs swell.

Lymphedema is most commonly caused by the removal of or damage to your lymphnodes as a part of cancer treatment. I had a lot of lymph nodes removed which caused my lymphatic system to be impacted severely and I developed lymphedema in my arms and legs plus I was going through chemotherapy which also made the swelling worse. My feet swelled so bad that I could only wear flip flop sandals not to mention the pain associated with it.

I had lymphedema treatment three days a week which included deep tissue massage to move the fluid and alot of bandaging on my right arm and compression stockings on my legs and feet. I felt hot and uncomfortable all the time and it didnt help me that it seemed to be a hundred degrees every damn day lol! I was going to make it through this and I was determined to.

It wasn’t easy especially since theres no cure and it can last for years and even a lifetime. I went to lymphedema therapy and eventually I was able to get out of the bandaging for part of the day by wearing a compression stocking and glove in the daytime and having to bandage up at night. 

Part of my therapy included learning how to bandage my arm myself and it proved to be very difficult for a while but I did get the hang of it. But I noticed something, when I all of the bandaging came off, my arm would appear small but my arm would fill up with fluid in under 20 minutes. 

The compression stocking and glove would keep my arm from swelling up but I wasnt to wear it all the time so this made it difficult to do things like wash the dishes and I wasnt allowed to carry anything heavier than a gallon of milk. 

That was so challenging because I had very little strength especially in my right hand and arm. I would constantly drop things all the time so I used paper plates and styrofoam cups alot. I started picking up one bottle of water and curling it 5 times each arm. I needed exercise and to follow the Dr’s orders and I did talk to him and he ok’d it as long as I didnt over do it.

I did that for a while and it made me feel better but I was still dealing with my arm swelling regardless of the garments and bandaging that I wore to get this thing under control yet none of this was working anymore.  I even tried custom compression garments that didnt work and no to mention at that time $828 that wasnt covered by my private insurance. Another bill I rambled to myself!

I finally decided to go without my lymphedema bandages and compression garments totally and just elevate and exercise it as often as possible. The result is that my arm is actually smaller and remains the same size unlike when I wore compression garments. I dont recommend doing this without consulting your doctor.

I was just tired of doing what wasnt working for me and until I find something that helps, I wont be wearing any garments for my condition that are not working for me. I couldn’t work and wear the compression garments in the jobs that I worked in because the garments are easily stretched out shape, stain easily and definitely wear out quickly.

Overall I have more peace with my decision and I feel a lot better without all of that and its allowed me to have some sort of freedom and to do a little more than I had been previously. I’m beyond grateful to still be here!


                                   Until next time…with Chocolate on top!

Reconstructive surgery after breast cancer!

So I’ve been thinking again (Oh Boy, don’t judge me lol! I was really excited about my reconstructive surgery…until afterward. I recovered well but then something happened!!!

I went walking with my BFF Rob around our local lakeside and got bit by something that ended up causing a six day hospital stay, emergency surgery and removal of the right breast implant, a staff infection and all the painful needle sticks. Oh and lets not forget that I have lymphedema in my right arm and hand, and the people prepping me for surgery stuck an IV in my right hand!

I can’t begin to tell you the horrors that I’ve experienced with this journey, man it was no joke! I didn’t even know I was sick until my right breast implant became visible to me. I know what you’re thinking…how did I not know? Well , I had no symptoms and remember I’m a month out of reconstructive surgery so I thought that all of this was just my body adjusting to all of the surgeries (2) at that time.

Be advised that the pictures may be sensitive in nature, if I’m going to tell you how it all went down then I need to show this. It could help someone else!

 The radiated tissue didn’t really allow for the implant to stabilize like the left one did, it healed really nicely but not the right side where I had radiation therapy.

So this is how it looked after I got bit by that nasty insect after two weeks, and if it weren’t for my incision leaking and this looking this way I would’ve never gone to the doctor. The Doctor looked at it and said pack a bag youre going to be in the hospital for a lil bit!

I had no symptoms leading up to I woke up like that on this day. And when youre fresh out of surgery there are always different things to take into consideration with your doctors orders.

It produced a small rash on my arm but since I was already scheduled to see the Doctor the following week I knew that I could talk to her about it then. We decided to try cortisone to see if it went away but she also told me if that if it didnt, I should head to the emergency room. When youre me you nurse yourself back to health unless it’s something serious! I dont just run to the Doctors office for nothing and besides, its expensive too.

Yes that’s my right breast and keep in mind that I had radiation and that radiated tissue played a big part in my not healing properly. Radiation is no less harder than chemo-therapy it effects your body terribly! I just dont want to sugar coat it peeps, this shit is real!

Its hard to explain going through all of that and you have to find your strength in all of it at the same time. I found it diffficult but I also knew that I wasnt given anything that I cold not handle! I picked myself up and dusted myself off and forged ahead.

I knew that I needed to recover from this and the best way to do that is to think positive. That’s the thing that’s kept me going these last 3 years. But honestly im thinking about being bold and without breasts! I spoke to my husband about having the left breast implant removed since that’s all I have and forfeit any further surgeries in the matter. He agreed and told me that as long as im alive, healthy and happy its all that matters!

I’m really glad because I want to be done with surgery and I dont mind wearing the prosthetics. Ive had three surgeries in two years and I just want to get back to my life, that’s all!

Until next time…..with Chocolate on top!