Surviving Breast Cancer and wanting to share my story…should I???


My journey with breast cancer…should I share I or not??? That is the question!

I realized that after everything there is always something that helped you cope with a situation, mine being breast cancer for the last almost three years but who’s counting! Im no different than the next person to experience this! Meaning I dont think that im special or better than anyone. I keep it 100 about the things that went on in this journey!

Im slowly getting comfortable making videos and talking about my experience in this matter because even if it helps one person, Im content with that because you never know how your experience can help another person. The grattitude that comes from that is irreplaceable, you cant buy that its real!


I wont lie and say that im not nervous to show the pictures and videos of my journey but if I dont, who am I helping??? Its very personal and I dont want to be judged and thats the biggest challenge of this journey. I just don want to be labeled but at the same time sill be respected…Can you understand that!

Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts. I can always appreciate another opinion regardless.


Until next time…with Chocolate on top!



My Review of Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl!


This show is amazing and funny as all hell! She says things that a lot of us are thinking and with a sense of humor. I can’t stop laughing because its absolutely hilarious and she rocks out in her adventures. I started watching this show on youtube when I heard about it on the morning news outlet.

This show has been picked up by HBO and while im not a subscriber I may have to on my mobile device so that I can watch the show.  This show is definitely entertaining and Issa Rae shines and I cannot wait to watch her on HBO.

If you haven’t checked it out look her up on Youtube trust me, you won’t be disappointed     

Until next time…With Chocolate on top!



Drama! If you bring it then…You gotta be ready 4 the Turn up!


Dont bring the groceries (drama at its finest!) If you dont want me to unpack them! You cant bring the drama and not expect someone to try to rationalize it all…there’s bound to be questions! I love people and that can be a downfall at times, but I keep doing it! No sense in making everyone pay for things that happened in your past.

Getcholife aint nobody perfect and besides…you brought the drama! Now you dont expect me to disect it…really???

Youre tripping without the lugggage!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top!

Keeping it 100!

This has not been a good week…my Uncle Sonny passed away last night, 14 days after his birthday! I’m sad:(  I’m speaking honestly…I have no money to go home to the funeral!

I just struggled to pay rent and I didn’t even make it all I was $10 short…but I work tomorrow morning so I’m sure I’l make the $10 but I think that they’re going to file an eviction notice on me!

I’ve been almost ten years and I love my place but everyone’s got a job to do! I get it but I had issues this month! My car broke down (alternator $$295.04) Rent due shortly after I just didn’t know what to do! I at least paid 90% f my rent.

If I get a court date I’m going to be a little salty but hopefully the judge will see that I’m only missing $10 and throw that ish out! I’m just keeping it real because too many times people hold things inside and it it’s not a good thing! Stay tuned for updates on this story!

Thinking positively!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top!

It takes People to operate social media and engage!

Why do you blame social a media for your mishaps??? Are ou kidding me? Social media is a platform to get whatever it is out there that you choose. Times have change(kinda like when computers were introduced lol!

Stop putting everything and anything out there on social media period! And please stop doing things in public that you don’t want to go viral. You can’t stop things all the time if you start things!Who can help you at that point (Olivia Pope lol) hmmm?

Learn how to treat people!

Stop expecting do-overs from people that have always been treating you like leftovers, Just stop! This happens a lot because some of us don’t standup for ourselves. Standing up for yourself isn’t easy, and there’s different strokes for different folks! 

I love people period! I’m a people person and I’m never going to change that. I may change the people that are allowed in my life, but there’s no since in changing if it’s not for the better. Point blank period! #Food4Thought