Basketball wives LA…TOO MUCH DRAMA!

I like watching the show basket ball wives LA but im so sick of the same old drama all the time. I believe that these women could do a lot more good if they just accepted each other for who they are instead of expressing themselves in a negative way. I stopped watching the show for a season or two because I felt like there was nothing but negativity.

In recent months catching up on episodes on Hului see can tell that some things haven’t changed much! I’m all about having fun and watching season 4 really told the story of people behaving much of the same Jackie Cristie is still the drunk that she is and having several personalities especially when drinking. Somehow I think she means well LOL!

Mylasia is a different type of chic, I love how she kicks off her hills and get straight Compton on you in 0-60 seconds. But she needs to chill on that because she’s a beautiful individual but her actions show the immature side of her. 


Can’t take you anywhere !

We all know a few people that just don’t know how to act, and ya can’t take them anywhere…not even to church!  I’m all for being yourself but there’s a line that seems to be crossed a lot when it comes to respect and friendships and it’s not acceptable to cross that line!



I’m not interested in having people in my life that are disrespectful,disruptive and don’t care about anything! I have no room in life for that, life is short as is and I’m not wasting my time!

My mother used to say you can love a person from afar but that does not mean you have to have them in your life. This is true to a point but has proven to be somewhat difficult because in my experience I give too many chances and end up disappointed.

Truth be told, I’m over giving do-overs to people that treat me like leftovers! Not doing that anymore because there’s never any resolve it seems. I don’t believe in holding grudges but sometimes you gotta treat people with a long handled spoon for your own sanity!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top!

Being stopped by the police…

Is like the wrong time of the of the month for a woman, it’s never a good time! My husband and I have been stopped several times by the state troopers where we live! I don’t know about you but I don’t even want to conversate with law enforcement especially now! 

Things are tense and violence seems to be a force right now! The world is a scary place right now and I pray for peace for all of us at some point. You know we were stopped back when we were first dating, we got stopped by a state trooper who asked inappropriate questions. 

I should’ve have gotten his badge number and reported him immediately, I could tell he was a newbie. Anytime you think that a socket wrench is some kind of tool for a drug! Anyway, he asked me how long had I known my man and I told him it was none of his business and to please handle the business so that we can go!

Another time my husband was stopped at 4pm and was followed for a long time before he was stopped. For no reason, and another time went to visit our son and he was stopped because law enforcement said that he looked at him when he drove by. Are you kidding me???

At the time I had a broken foot and he was going to the local store in that town. Enough is enough! My family is a mixed bag and we love everyone we don’t look at people as colors but the beautiful rainbow that we create! I hope that we can move forward in positive ways that reflect empathy, understanding and unity for all!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top!