All Things Chocolate!

I’m a vivacious mother of four with a lot of energy and I absolutely Love providing customer service and helping people period! I have a multitude of experience in the customer service industry including working remotely for about five years. 

I’m an excellent fit for this position because I have the experience working remotely, Im disciplined, quiet environment and I would love the opportunity to showcase my talent with your company.
I received a call from a customer that was unable to connect to the Internet and she was very frustrated. I then reassured her that she was in safe hands and that I would investigate the problem.

I had her make sure that all of her lights on her dsl modem were solid and as it turns out, the Internet light was off. I then asked her to power cycle the modem by unplugging it from the back for ten seconds. Once plugged in the lights began to come on show solid green color on all lights and the customer was able to connect to the Internet and was very happy. 
The customer is always right even when they may not be right, that’s customer service 101! My job is to keep a customer happy and customer retention which can bring repeat business and referrals.