What is wrong with some people anymore!

I was on social media when I ran across a tweet between a disappointed fan and NBA Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas so I had to check it out. Isaiah was recently in the news and not necessarily all good news. His 22 year old sister Chyna was killed in a car accident and he was criticized for playing in the playoff game and crying!

The man just lost his sister and everyone and their mother is talking shit yet through his tears and his strength, he scored thirty plus points even though they lost that game. How insensitive can you be about someone going through a tragedy like that!

I also read on social media that he didn’t travel with his team for a Game on Friday and some fans became outraged and one in particular tried to drag him for it.  Saying that he bought tickets for his son and that Isaiah was his favorite player.

Isaiah and the fan exchanged words on twitter  according to this tweet. See link below. Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas lashes out at disappointed dad on Twitter http://nydn.us/2nAzFtc

Now I don’t know about you, but I probably would’ve responded the same. I can understand that the fan was upset but you have to show empathy for someone going through tragedy. I thought it was insensitive for the disappointed fan to respond that way.  Isaiah was a lot nicer in his response than I would’ve been!

I would’ve gone for broke letting him have it to the point that he probably wouldn’t be come back for anymore. But I’m not a celeb so the outcome may have been different lol. This situation just pissed me off and I couldn’t sit back without commenting.

Isaiah Thomas, you keep doing you and I’ll keep being a fan. Don’t let petty, insensitive ass people bother you because have a lot of people supporting you. Stay positive and productive Isaiah!

                                              Until next time…with Chocolate on top!