Basketball wives LA…TOO MUCH DRAMA!

I like watching the show basket ball wives LA but im so sick of the same old drama all the time. I believe that these women could do a lot more good if they just accepted each other for who they are instead of expressing themselves in a negative way. I stopped watching the show for a season or two because I felt like there was nothing but negativity.

In recent months catching up on episodes on Hului see can tell that some things haven’t changed much! I’m all about having fun and watching season 4 really told the story of people behaving much of the same Jackie Cristie is still the drunk that she is and having several personalities especially when drinking. Somehow I think she means well LOL!

Mylasia is a different type of chic, I love how she kicks off her hills and get straight Compton on you in 0-60 seconds. But she needs to chill on that because she’s a beautiful individual but her actions show the immature side of her. 


Friendships has many facets, just like anything else!

Here are some of the emotions that myself and my friends have experienced throughout our friendship!

When we’re going through relationship issues with a spouse and your BFF IS ALSO YOUR CONFIDANT:

How in the ham sandwich did this happen on my watch…not that you were really watching for this outcome!

Usually when you’re feeling good about yourself and think that there’s no wrongdoing on our part in the relationship…and least you feel that way at the time!

This when you’re enjoying a little “me time” and not giving a what about anything but your own self preservation and peace!

Too much fun until things get real!

When y’all agree on more than one thing!

When your BFF tells you something that blows your wig back…what!

What is with people being rude! And I don’t take it personally!

Its not ok to be rude to your friends drunk or sober! At the end of the day its all about unity not division. I know that there are times when I have “round table discussions with my real friends and things go awry! However, we usually work it out and stay all good…until death do us part!

Later in life I decided to re-evaluate all of my relationships, friendships, and even associates are important in this sweeep lol!

At any point I can feel jealous about my friends not spending time with me but spend alot of time with their other friends and not knowing them is two issues that we havent really talked about and then you cancel on me…biaaach please! Not to mention that I havent seen you for a while, Girl bye!

I completely understand the frustration that may occur in ’tis situation but you have to give a person a chance to explain there actions too. Sometimes, circumstances dont allow for someone to be there and sometimes its hard for the other person to understand that. Hey, were not perfect or the world would be boring!


Ive learned not to ale (take things personally) and love “everyone” no matter what because “everbody” needs Love!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top[!

I’m removing my implant after reconstructive surgery…Not healthy!

I might sound crazy but beauty is not only skin deep, but knife deep sometimes! Let me say this….reconstructive surgery is not always the best choice for some after a mastectomy let alone a double mastectomy!

Nobody talks about the aftermath of breast cancer that depicts on your health and financial means! I try to wear a smile no matter where I am because I’m happy to be alive!

                                         Until next time…with Chocolate on top!