Reconstructive surgery after breast cancer!

So I’ve been thinking again (Oh Boy, don’t judge me lol! I was really excited about my reconstructive surgery…until afterward. I recovered well but then something happened!!!

I went walking with my BFF Rob around our local lakeside and got bit by something that ended up causing a six day hospital stay, emergency surgery and removal of the right breast implant, a staff infection and all the painful needle sticks. Oh and lets not forget that I have lymphedema in my right arm and hand, and the people prepping me for surgery stuck an IV in my right hand!

I can’t begin to tell you the horrors that I’ve experienced with this journey, man it was no joke! I didn’t even know I was sick until my right breast implant became visible to me. I know what you’re thinking…how did I not know? Well , I had no symptoms and remember I’m a month out of reconstructive surgery so I thought that all of this was just my body adjusting to all of the surgeries (2) at that time.

Be advised that the pictures may be sensitive in nature, if I’m going to tell you how it all went down then I need to show this. It could help someone else!

 The radiated tissue didn’t really allow for the implant to stabilize like the left one did, it healed really nicely but not the right side where I had radiation therapy.

So this is how it looked after I got bit by that nasty insect after two weeks, and if it weren’t for my incision leaking and this looking this way I would’ve never gone to the doctor. The Doctor looked at it and said pack a bag youre going to be in the hospital for a lil bit!

I had no symptoms leading up to I woke up like that on this day. And when youre fresh out of surgery there are always different things to take into consideration with your doctors orders.

It produced a small rash on my arm but since I was already scheduled to see the Doctor the following week I knew that I could talk to her about it then. We decided to try cortisone to see if it went away but she also told me if that if it didnt, I should head to the emergency room. When youre me you nurse yourself back to health unless it’s something serious! I dont just run to the Doctors office for nothing and besides, its expensive too.

Yes that’s my right breast and keep in mind that I had radiation and that radiated tissue played a big part in my not healing properly. Radiation is no less harder than chemo-therapy it effects your body terribly! I just dont want to sugar coat it peeps, this shit is real!

Its hard to explain going through all of that and you have to find your strength in all of it at the same time. I found it diffficult but I also knew that I wasnt given anything that I cold not handle! I picked myself up and dusted myself off and forged ahead.

I knew that I needed to recover from this and the best way to do that is to think positive. That’s the thing that’s kept me going these last 3 years. But honestly im thinking about being bold and without breasts! I spoke to my husband about having the left breast implant removed since that’s all I have and forfeit any further surgeries in the matter. He agreed and told me that as long as im alive, healthy and happy its all that matters!

I’m really glad because I want to be done with surgery and I dont mind wearing the prosthetics. Ive had three surgeries in two years and I just want to get back to my life, that’s all!

Until next time…..with Chocolate on top!


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