Can’t take you anywhere !

We all know a few people that just don’t know how to act, and ya can’t take them anywhere…not even to church!  I’m all for being yourself but there’s a line that seems to be crossed a lot when it comes to respect and friendships and it’s not acceptable to cross that line!



I’m not interested in having people in my life that are disrespectful,disruptive and don’t care about anything! I have no room in life for that, life is short as is and I’m not wasting my time!

My mother used to say you can love a person from afar but that does not mean you have to have them in your life. This is true to a point but has proven to be somewhat difficult because in my experience I give too many chances and end up disappointed.

Truth be told, I’m over giving do-overs to people that treat me like leftovers! Not doing that anymore because there’s never any resolve it seems. I don’t believe in holding grudges but sometimes you gotta treat people with a long handled spoon for your own sanity!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top!


Working for a family business…

Working for a family business can be tough ! No way to slice or dice that …it is what is! I have been experiencing unimaginable stress, anguish and heartache because I know that I have worked my ass off with open availability (an employers dream ) and what do I get in return..screwed with no Vaseline!

I mean…I worked my ass off and had open availability, then came in whenever called and this is what you show me??? And then my paycheck bounced ?

All I gotta say is…I*DGAF! You better be glad I don’t take legal action against you for the nepotism and the BS you’re trying to pull! And then to put up with unbearable customers…Boy Bye!

I don’t know where people get off thinking that you can just override certain things but you just can’t…you have a management team! You can’t just keep the old help and then bring in your family and take hours away from deserving employees and replace them with your family…hell to the naw! I have an issue with that and why wouldn’t I???

I was basically used to fill a gap and then shi$$$$ on once family came! Now I’m getting all night hours and a family member is working my days…no seniority and all the other lies that I was told are just blowing up!

I feel like it’s time to get my hat…ya know what I’m saying! I can smell s^&% and I it’s already  in my face and I don’t like it! If the shoe fits…wear it! I guess that I was stoping by on my way to a real job!

I’m greatful for everything !

I have a lot to be greatful for and believe me you ain’t got time to even attempt tackling my bucket list lol! I’m greatful for the real friends in my life that have remained in my life and stayed true to me! At the end of the day you gotta bring your A-game when it comes to love!

We often love people who don’t love us back, and that’s a fact. We can’t worry about that all  the time because we have what we consider things more important and at the end of the day that’s true for some, but for me I’m always seeking to build a bette life for me and my family!

I’m talking about doing it the right way and remember that everyone learns differently otherwise life might be a little boring!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top!

Service Industry Woes!

I don’t know what’s worse, having a horrible boss or a horrible customer that you treats you like a servant instead of a server! I had a bad experience tonight at work with a customer that seemed fine until she started drinking beer then she was somebody new lol.

Hey I learned that if you can’t handle your liquor then you stay to stay home!

Everything was fine until it was time to go and then came the complaints. Ummm…you cleaned your plate! Why didn’t you complain in the beginning??? Looking for something free of course! I’m all about correcting any mistakes but I wasn’t told about anything.

Then she demanded that everyone in the party get a 20% discount when the whole party didn’t have any issues with getting good quality food…???! Then two guests from that party walked out without paying. Some people are greedy, nasty and ignorant and seem to be always looking for something free!

As a server I take accountability for my actions I don’t pass the buck I deal with it!  But what do you do when a person disrespects you and then talks nasty to you on top of it??? Hey lady, I didn’t piss in your cornflakes this morning so you need to adjust your attitude!

Just because I’m a server doesn’t mean I’m your servant and you can speak to me disrespectfully!!! the icing on the cake was when I walked outside for a break away from the drama, her husband who asked me if I wanted to take a swing at his wife?

I said excuse me? He asked again if I wanted to take a swing at his wife and I asked him ? He never answered me so I took the liberty of telling him that I don’t promote violence and I didn’t say anything too his wife in the first place.

I also let him know that I felt disrespected and talked down to and that it’s not acceptable! This lady went as far as to tell my manager that I threatened her with physical violence…girl bye I absolutely did no such thing, being as though I didn’t speak to her after she became belligerent which is why I was flabbergasted when her husband approached me out of nowhere.

I think they were looking for something but I wasn’t about to be unprofessional and argue with them because it was pointless and they were drinking. Why can’t people be respectful of one another and discuss issues like adults??? Stop trying to treat me like your servant!

I’m human and I deserve respect no matter my occupation or how I look as long as I’m clean and my hygiene is in order, and I don’t disrespect you. And if you think you can treat me like that well…you got another thing coming! I standup for myself and not with the use of violence but with the understanding that we should be able to discuss any issues without all the drama!

Love and respect people period and you really can’t go wrong in my opinion and stop treating people in the service industry like they don’t matter and are just there so serve you! Not correct, you can’t just treat people any kind of way! Imagine your loved one being treated that way…not a pretty site is it???

You reap what you sow!!!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top!

Do you wanna be in a relationship…or not???

If you don’t then chances are that you’re likely not ready for commitment but it’s not necessarily a bad thing! You’ve gotta look at all sides! If you’re the type that’s looking for Mr. Right Now…you’re likely going to get what you’re after. There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you like. However you get what you signup for and sometimes the things that you don’t!

Either way, not the best way to go into any situation. Relationships don’t necessarily mean commitment but…why would you be in a relationship that isn’t going somewhere??? I’ll tell ya why, because commitment can be a scary place for some and you definitely have to be ready for it. Whether married or in a committed relationship both people need to be on the same page.

Sometimes people that have been together for a long time will get married and find that this wasn’t the right choice for them and end up breaking up. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…where have I heard that before! This is true but not in every case because people can change once ink is dry on the marriage certificate and not necessarily for the good.

You ever dated anyone and thought man I hit the jackpot only to later say “was I drunk during the relationship or what”! I mean who is this person and where’s the person that I met??? It’s happened to me more than once but sometimes you gotta kiss a frog to get a prince and I’m not joking! 

I can honestly say that I’m very happy that I have a wonderful caring committed guy that truly loves me.. I hope that everyone finds love someday but take your time and find someone that you can love but also you like them too. Yes I said LIKE! Someone that you can stand to be in the same room with and not grow tired of quickly. It’s important to also be friends with your mate and enjoy lfe as much as you can with your someone special. Best of Luck !

Until next time…with Chocolate on top!

It’s my weekend and I’m going to enjoy it!

If your weekend happens to be in the middle of the week, you should enjoy it! Its a good time to handle projects that you’ve been putting off or other things that need handled. I’m doing a 30 day challenge to see how much stuff I can get rid of but also to be diligent about working on it everyday no matter how I feel! Are you down for the challenge???

I know…we come home from a hard day at work and don’t feel like doing a thing. However nothing gets done sitting on the couch or just going to bed trust me I know! So I’m going to show the stuff that I get rid of and how I get rid of it from the time I start this journey all the way to the next.

Send me pictures of your projects, let’s do this together!

Be sure to check back often for updates often!

Being stopped by the police…

Is like the wrong time of the of the month for a woman, it’s never a good time! My husband and I have been stopped several times by the state troopers where we live! I don’t know about you but I don’t even want to conversate with law enforcement especially now! 

Things are tense and violence seems to be a force right now! The world is a scary place right now and I pray for peace for all of us at some point. You know we were stopped back when we were first dating, we got stopped by a state trooper who asked inappropriate questions. 

I should’ve have gotten his badge number and reported him immediately, I could tell he was a newbie. Anytime you think that a socket wrench is some kind of tool for a drug! Anyway, he asked me how long had I known my man and I told him it was none of his business and to please handle the business so that we can go!

Another time my husband was stopped at 4pm and was followed for a long time before he was stopped. For no reason, and another time went to visit our son and he was stopped because law enforcement said that he looked at him when he drove by. Are you kidding me???

At the time I had a broken foot and he was going to the local store in that town. Enough is enough! My family is a mixed bag and we love everyone we don’t look at people as colors but the beautiful rainbow that we create! I hope that we can move forward in positive ways that reflect empathy, understanding and unity for all!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top! 

Football Players and protests, National Anthem!

I guess it all started when we saw Quarterback Colin Kapernick not standing during the National Anthem! I’m wondering what in the ham sandwich is going on with him right now but then I read in the blogs that he’s not going stand for the National Anthem until black and people of color are not oppressed in this country. 

All I’ve got to say is he’ll probably be standing a long time because a lot of things like racism, discrimination and non-inclusion still exists. Myself, I just want to love everyone and keep the peace. I’m talking total inclusion (I’m not using that diversity word again). It’s used way too much and I’m done using it in my vocabulary also.

I feel like you shouldn’t disrespect the National Anthem, try to find another way , Do something else. My husband said ” they should draw attention to the issue instead of the negative attention that they are receiving”. Maybe go to Schools and different places to talk about the issues and try to unite people. My baby is sooo smart and I love when he share his position on things as well, I welcome it! #MyBoo!
Until next time…with Chocolate on top!

Hanging out with Mr/Ms wrong???

Are you hanging out with the wrong  one trying to have something that you know is not there, in other words your man is a player? Getcho life Boo, life is short and you’ve only got one life to live OK!

Now I know that sometimes in relationships we overlook things because it’s cute in the beginning until shiggity gets real then everyone’s in their feelings and bringing up everything from the day they met you until present. Some people know how to really fight and it’s not necessarily a compliment either!

I mean, it can get nasty and cause a storm to brew trust me I’ve been there! It’s hard when people don’t keep it real, especially in relationships. Once trust is broken, it’s hard to get that back! Some people end a relationship because they can’t trust the person or see past the issue to be able to move forward. Unresolved issues can lead to resentment, anger and a wide variety of other emotions if you don’t resolve the situation immediately!

Time is of the essence and life is too short to be holding grudges against a player that likely won’t change anytime soon. Listen baby…know when to get your jacket and hat and move around, some things don’t change so don’t waste your time hoping that they will. Instead be motivated to be move on because you never know who you might meet and please don’t kill your chances by staying with someone that wants to have his cake and eat yours and his too lol!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top!