Keeping it 100!

This has not been a good week…my Uncle Sonny passed away last night, 14 days after his birthday! I’m sad:(  I’m speaking honestly…I have no money to go home to the funeral!

I just struggled to pay rent and I didn’t even make it all I was $10 short…but I work tomorrow morning so I’m sure I’l make the $10 but I think that they’re going to file an eviction notice on me!

I’ve been almost ten years and I love my place but everyone’s got a job to do! I get it but I had issues this month! My car broke down (alternator $$295.04) Rent due shortly after I just didn’t know what to do! I at least paid 90% f my rent.

If I get a court date I’m going to be a little salty but hopefully the judge will see that I’m only missing $10 and throw that ish out! I’m just keeping it real because too many times people hold things inside and it it’s not a good thing! Stay tuned for updates on this story!

Thinking positively!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top!


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