Thinking of getting a new job…You better do your hoemework first!

Dont even think of getting a new job before you’ve done your homework!  By that I mean, investigating the company that you want to work for, their track record, benefits, especially any reviews available from current and former employees!

You’ll wanna do that ASAP before you get in bed with a company because baby…there are so many unknowns already and you have no one to blame if you come up with a job that’s not a good fit. I’ve been guilty of this more than once and the thing that gets me, is that I’ve recently been through changing jobs and quickly. Listen I ain’t judging nobody because things do happen. Life’s not perfect!

I know that at times I’ve taken a job because I’ve needed one but that’s not always a good thing either but ya gotta pay the bills honey! That also seems to be when things go nuts, I’m talking pecans and cashews lol. that’s when the reality sets in that this ain’t a good fit for me! so I stay as long as I can but when I seen out I give notice and take it, plain and simple.

I don’t even care about the fact that I’m job hopping, better than being on the news because you had a moment of insanity and lost it:) just kidding. Hey the moral to the story is don’t be taking jobs that you know probably aren’t a good fit anyway and is why you should do your homework on a company before you get into bed with them!


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