Makeup tips

So I just watched a bare minerals commercial that shows a beautiful lady of color. The commercial got my attention because not only am I woman of color, I can’t always find the perfect makeup. I don’t wear makeup regularly so I have a hard time figuring the whole makeup thing out because I just want to look more natural than anything! Is this a bad thing???

I’ve been watching YouTube videos about makeup tips and natural hair tips because I need both lol! My husband likes me the way that I am and I’m grateful! I like to surprise him once and a while…if you know what I’m saying! I understand that you gotta keep things fresh!

 People like me can’t afford to buy the products that they show on TV unless they are on heavy discount! I’ve been checking out videos on YouTube by Sunshine Abuwe she’s awesome when it comes to giving tips on hair and makeup. I love love her videos. She really gets to the root of the very issues that I’m trying to tackle!

Sunshine uses bare minerals but you can use the cheaper brand of mineral makeup if you can’t afford to buy bare minerals makeup. I would suggest checking out videos on YouTube for more tips and tricks on natural hair and makeup!


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