Working for a family business…

Working for a family business can be tough ! No way to slice or dice that …it is what is! I have been experiencing unimaginable stress, anguish and heartache because I know that I have worked my ass off with open availability (an employers dream ) and what do I get in return..screwed with no Vaseline!

I mean…I worked my ass off and had open availability, then came in whenever called and this is what you show me??? And then my paycheck bounced ?

All I gotta say is…I*DGAF! You better be glad I don’t take legal action against you for the nepotism and the BS you’re trying to pull! And then to put up with unbearable customers…Boy Bye!

I don’t know where people get off thinking that you can just override certain things but you just can’t…you have a management team! You can’t just keep the old help and then bring in your family and take hours away from deserving employees and replace them with your family…hell to the naw! I have an issue with that and why wouldn’t I???

I was basically used to fill a gap and then shi$$$$ on once family came! Now I’m getting all night hours and a family member is working my days…no seniority and all the other lies that I was told are just blowing up!

I feel like it’s time to get my hat…ya know what I’m saying! I can smell s^&% and I it’s already  in my face and I don’t like it! If the shoe fits…wear it! I guess that I was stoping by on my way to a real job!


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