Service Industry Woes!

I don’t know what’s worse, having a horrible boss or a horrible customer that you treats you like a servant instead of a server! I had a bad experience tonight at work with a customer that seemed fine until she started drinking beer then she was somebody new lol.

Hey I learned that if you can’t handle your liquor then you stay to stay home!

Everything was fine until it was time to go and then came the complaints. Ummm…you cleaned your plate! Why didn’t you complain in the beginning??? Looking for something free of course! I’m all about correcting any mistakes but I wasn’t told about anything.

Then she demanded that everyone in the party get a 20% discount when the whole party didn’t have any issues with getting good quality food…???! Then two guests from that party walked out without paying. Some people are greedy, nasty and ignorant and seem to be always looking for something free!

As a server I take accountability for my actions I don’t pass the buck I deal with it!  But what do you do when a person disrespects you and then talks nasty to you on top of it??? Hey lady, I didn’t piss in your cornflakes this morning so you need to adjust your attitude!

Just because I’m a server doesn’t mean I’m your servant and you can speak to me disrespectfully!!! the icing on the cake was when I walked outside for a break away from the drama, her husband who asked me if I wanted to take a swing at his wife?

I said excuse me? He asked again if I wanted to take a swing at his wife and I asked him ? He never answered me so I took the liberty of telling him that I don’t promote violence and I didn’t say anything too his wife in the first place.

I also let him know that I felt disrespected and talked down to and that it’s not acceptable! This lady went as far as to tell my manager that I threatened her with physical violence…girl bye I absolutely did no such thing, being as though I didn’t speak to her after she became belligerent which is why I was flabbergasted when her husband approached me out of nowhere.

I think they were looking for something but I wasn’t about to be unprofessional and argue with them because it was pointless and they were drinking. Why can’t people be respectful of one another and discuss issues like adults??? Stop trying to treat me like your servant!

I’m human and I deserve respect no matter my occupation or how I look as long as I’m clean and my hygiene is in order, and I don’t disrespect you. And if you think you can treat me like that well…you got another thing coming! I standup for myself and not with the use of violence but with the understanding that we should be able to discuss any issues without all the drama!

Love and respect people period and you really can’t go wrong in my opinion and stop treating people in the service industry like they don’t matter and are just there so serve you! Not correct, you can’t just treat people any kind of way! Imagine your loved one being treated that way…not a pretty site is it???

You reap what you sow!!!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top!


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