Football Players and protests, National Anthem!

I guess it all started when we saw Quarterback Colin Kapernick not standing during the National Anthem! I’m wondering what in the ham sandwich is going on with him right now but then I read in the blogs that he’s not going stand for the National Anthem until black and people of color are not oppressed in this country. 

All I’ve got to say is he’ll probably be standing a long time because a lot of things like racism, discrimination and non-inclusion still exists. Myself, I just want to love everyone and keep the peace. I’m talking total inclusion (I’m not using that diversity word again). It’s used way too much and I’m done using it in my vocabulary also.

I feel like you shouldn’t disrespect the National Anthem, try to find another way , Do something else. My husband said ” they should draw attention to the issue instead of the negative attention that they are receiving”. Maybe go to Schools and different places to talk about the issues and try to unite people. My baby is sooo smart and I love when he share his position on things as well, I welcome it! #MyBoo!
Until next time…with Chocolate on top!


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