Working with your spouse!

Can you really work with your spouse and not bring in previous baggage ??? I’m here to tell you that it’s difficult no matter how you put the plans together! No matter how you think, the outcome will likely be…disastrous!
then you’re going to have to work for it period! It’s not going to be easy but anything you put work into hopefully brings you some results, but that’s not promised. We try hard to be our best and give our best but at the end of the day for some of us,  it’s not enough and things can become hectic at some point. 
We act the same and sometimes can be very demanding. We know how our spouses are because we’ve been with them since Juvember (meaning forever or never) with them so we know their daily routine. But at the end of the day …! Working with your.spouse can be  difficult!

Especially when your spouse is really coming down on you and  criticizing you. You start to wonder who is this person??? Remember…this isthe person you fell in love with! Don’t give up on them,  love the one you’re with LOL. Believe me your spouse  loves you it’s just a communication issue and don’t let it go any further than that because if you know like I know you’ll end up single at some point.

Firstly you should not be working on the same shift, that would eliminate a lot of drama off the bat. Secondly you guys need to work hard and try to get the same days off so that you can have quality time together because working

Just remember relationships take two to do everything and if the scales are on balanced…with that you’re likely  to have problems regardless of the effort you have put forth!

Be sure to check back for updates often!

                                                       Until next time…with Chocolate on top!


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