You can fall in love…but can you stay there???

It’s easy to fall in love but can you stay in love? That seems to be a burning question right now and I’m here to tell ya, it  won’t be easy! I’m very upfront about love and relationships because I have had my challenges with this and I’m not gonna lie! It makes me the woman that I am today.

I heard Artist Monica say, stop judging me for the woman I am and help me become the woman I’m trying to be! That was real for me honey , it stuck to me like swimwear lol. OK that’s valuable information and I don’t take that for granted!

That’s what I feel at times especially when in a relationship unless a person shows and prove that they aren’t judgmental. I’m not bragging at all, I have a great husband that loves me and doesn’t judge me or treatment unjustly if I make a mistake.

I’ve been through a lot in my life but it’s helped me to be better at relationships and pay attention to things such as relationships and not carrying baggage into a new relationship. You gotta drop those bags and keep it moving. We have to go in to a relationships fresh and without anything on the scale.

You can’t balance and empty scale you just have to let it play out. Don’t be judgmental and don’t compare the old to the new because in essence, it’s the same thing. You got to be open to the things that are being presented to you and that does not mean everything either!

Take it from me go into it open late and have fun you don’t necessarily need to tie down with somebody to still spend that quality time with them. Take your time when your options because when you’re single you can do that and when you’re committed you shouldn’t even be thing about that lol!
Until next time…With Chocolate on top!


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