Keeping it 100!

This has not been a good week…my Uncle Sonny passed away last night, 14 days after his birthday! I’m sad:(  I’m speaking honestly…I have no money to go home to the funeral!

I just struggled to pay rent and I didn’t even make it all I was $10 short…but I work tomorrow morning so I’m sure I’l make the $10 but I think that they’re going to file an eviction notice on me!

I’ve been almost ten years and I love my place but everyone’s got a job to do! I get it but I had issues this month! My car broke down (alternator $$295.04) Rent due shortly after I just didn’t know what to do! I at least paid 90% f my rent.

If I get a court date I’m going to be a little salty but hopefully the judge will see that I’m only missing $10 and throw that ish out! I’m just keeping it real because too many times people hold things inside and it it’s not a good thing! Stay tuned for updates on this story!

Thinking positively!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top!


It takes People to operate social media and engage!

Why do you blame social a media for your mishaps??? Are ou kidding me? Social media is a platform to get whatever it is out there that you choose. Times have change(kinda like when computers were introduced lol!

Stop putting everything and anything out there on social media period! And please stop doing things in public that you don’t want to go viral. You can’t stop things all the time if you start things!Who can help you at that point (Olivia Pope lol) hmmm?

Learn how to treat people!

Stop expecting do-overs from people that have always been treating you like leftovers, Just stop! This happens a lot because some of us don’t standup for ourselves. Standing up for yourself isn’t easy, and there’s different strokes for different folks! 

I love people period! I’m a people person and I’m never going to change that. I may change the people that are allowed in my life, but there’s no since in changing if it’s not for the better. Point blank period! #Food4Thought

Dating is fun but commitment can be fun too!

don’t throw away the prospect of commitment because things have been a little nuts with your dating life. But can you imagine being a committed relationship and having the same experience??? Well it’s more common than you know.

There are all kinds of facets of a relationship, dating, friends with benefits,one night stand, committed relationship! Which one is right for you??? Well that’s what I’m here to find out! Whadayalike? What peaks your interest and what you don’t like Let me know and keep it respectful please (that’s a must)! Guest Bloggers Welcome just PM me please and thank you!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top!

Thinking of getting a new job…You better do your hoemework first!

Dont even think of getting a new job before you’ve done your homework!  By that I mean, investigating the company that you want to work for, their track record, benefits, especially any reviews available from current and former employees!

You’ll wanna do that ASAP before you get in bed with a company because baby…there are so many unknowns already and you have no one to blame if you come up with a job that’s not a good fit. I’ve been guilty of this more than once and the thing that gets me, is that I’ve recently been through changing jobs and quickly. Listen I ain’t judging nobody because things do happen. Life’s not perfect!

I know that at times I’ve taken a job because I’ve needed one but that’s not always a good thing either but ya gotta pay the bills honey! That also seems to be when things go nuts, I’m talking pecans and cashews lol. that’s when the reality sets in that this ain’t a good fit for me! so I stay as long as I can but when I seen out I give notice and take it, plain and simple.

I don’t even care about the fact that I’m job hopping, better than being on the news because you had a moment of insanity and lost it:) just kidding. Hey the moral to the story is don’t be taking jobs that you know probably aren’t a good fit anyway and is why you should do your homework on a company before you get into bed with them!

Are you still in love with your partner!

Well…I am, and hopefully more of you are experiencing the same! For me, it just seems to get better the older I get and I really couldn’t ask for more. I’m hearing more than ever that things are down for some couples and that’s not good. Don’t get me wrong! I hope everyone finds love but don’t do it at your expense, make sure that your partner is putting in work too, relationships take two to work!

When one is doing all the work, it can create strife in the relationship and that is not a good look. I learned a long time ago that you have to get you together before you can try have a relationship of any kind with someone. I mean, I wasn’t always the person that I am today…I put in work!

It made me the woman I am today LOL and I Love Her! I once heard a favorite singer of mine say “don’t judge me or who I used to be, instead help me become the woman I’m trying to be! That was powerful and admirable and in my mental Rolodex.

I am happy that I did the work that it too1k to get me to this place in my life. Put in the work and you’ll reap the rewards! And remember it takes two to Tango.

Until next time…with Chocolate on top!

It was a great day at Home Plate Diner!

It’s true that you can really pay attention to your tables when you don’t have 27 of them lol! Tonight was a great night because I got to have a short conversation with my guest before they ordered! So proud of that…really, I love being able to visit with guests!

I Love to suggest items that I’ve tried because it’s  the only way to do it! You’ve experienced it and if it’s good…you never forget the first time you had it! We got it done tonight and I thank all of you! Gary, Trevor, Kourtney , Michael and Thomas!

Thank you for a great day!

Makeup tips

So I just watched a bare minerals commercial that shows a beautiful lady of color. The commercial got my attention because not only am I woman of color, I can’t always find the perfect makeup. I don’t wear makeup regularly so I have a hard time figuring the whole makeup thing out because I just want to look more natural than anything! Is this a bad thing???

I’ve been watching YouTube videos about makeup tips and natural hair tips because I need both lol! My husband likes me the way that I am and I’m grateful! I like to surprise him once and a while…if you know what I’m saying! I understand that you gotta keep things fresh!

 People like me can’t afford to buy the products that they show on TV unless they are on heavy discount! I’ve been checking out videos on YouTube by Sunshine Abuwe she’s awesome when it comes to giving tips on hair and makeup. I love love her videos. She really gets to the root of the very issues that I’m trying to tackle!

Sunshine uses bare minerals but you can use the cheaper brand of mineral makeup if you can’t afford to buy bare minerals makeup. I would suggest checking out videos on YouTube for more tips and tricks on natural hair and makeup!

Went to brunch with My friend Rob! Hyvee Market Grille #3

I had the best time ever hanging out and catching up with my BFF Rob. this is also where I go to let my hair down on rough days after work! The environment is so relaxing and I can clear my head too.

It helps that the staff is very friendly, attentive and courteous. So today I’m being taken care of by Leslie and  Jason ( I moved from the booth to the bar lol she served me and he’s a bartender). My experience was awesome as usual!

Now I’m going to show you what we had to eat !

Rob had the Cheeseburger and fries but I opted for the Sunday Special: a Brisket melt with Sweet potato fries. They have a special everyday and this one is my favorite. I give it five stars! Thank you Hyvee #3