My visit to the Dollar General store on SE. 14th St., Des Moines, IA!

This morning I stopped in the Dollar General to pick up a few things and I saw Ms Wendy (an awesome CSR at this location. Let me tell ya, she is definitely the brightest thing I saw in the store today!

I needed a phone and Wendy was quick to inform me of my options not mention there was a $5 tracfone possibly available in the back (yeeeesss)! That was right up my alley because I’m on a budget and needed a new phone.

Wendy called out to the manager Anna who responded “What” in the rudest tone of voice. Who was she speaking to like that? I didn’t know being a manager consists of speaking to your employees disrespectfully.

Once again, Wendy called out to her and again Ana shouted “What”! By now I’m perplexed and ticked off and about ready to ask her what her problem is. Sadly she emerged from the aisle and looked at me and realized she had forgotten about getting the phone. Anna then said “oh yeah I forgot about the phone” rudely then walked to the back.

I kept my cool and I apologized to Wendy for having to deal with Anna as a manager…I know that I couldn’t. Where’s the respect between employees and management gone??? I hear horror stories and I also have experienced some horrors of my own with customer service encounters. The difference is, instead of acting out I write about it.

I guess I’m lending my voice to people who might need it or can’t speak for fear of retaliation from the employer. I know that people make mistakes but to be in the people business is to be customer focused, customer centric, show empathy, self control, and last but not least…respect for your employees especially in front of customers. This was an Epic Fail in my opinion and this manager needs to be retrained!

I was disappointed to say the least!

Until next time…with Chocolate on top!


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