Customer service at Walmart SE 14th St Des Moines, IA

I jokingly refer to Walmart as the zoo because sometimes it’s crazy busy and out of control.  But today, I was in horrible shock when I witnessed a very unprofessional customer service associate humiliate a visually impaired customer in front of customers.  I’m sorry but if you don’t like your job you should find another one!

Let me break it down for you!

  1. I stopped in to return something and the associate Michelle was smacking on gum like a cow and had much attitude( how unprofessional is that). She then proceeded to tell me that I had to go return my item at the electronics department so I did.
  2. I went to the electronics department and was redirected back to customer service because apparently nobody knows what’s going on!  Instead of going back to customer service I found a manager named Vivian who was awesome and took care of me. I was really impressed with her customer service and patience dealing with people.
  3. But Michelle on the other hand was rude, disrespectful, non-empathetic and unprofessional! I tried hard to ignore her but I couldn’t and it was very difficult to endure her behavior.  I was horrified and appalled!
  4. The guest had expired identification and was clearly unaware of this as she rumbled through his wallet and then humiliated him in front of a line of people saying that his credentials expired 26 years ago. I’m not sure why it was necessary to divulge that information aloud let alone the way she spoke to the guest! It’s true that he didn’t have proper documentation but this is clearly a situation that could’ve been handled better.
  5. After I received my refund I told the manager that helped me that something needs to be said to her about her unprofessional behavior and the smacking of gum in front of customers.  I attempted to talk to a different manager but he put me on hold! Which led me to write about it!

Needless to say I probably won’t be stopping in that Walmart again…I’ll just drive out of my way for better customer service!!!

Until next, with Chocolate on top!

#Walmart #SE 14th #desmoines ia


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