Starting my blogging journey over!

I started my journey as a blogger over for a lot of reasons. One of the main reasons is because it was controlled by someone else. And let that be a lesson to not get involved with some shady characters selling you information that they are also giving away for free on YouTube!

I felt really stupid and taken advantage of especially when these are things that I could’ve researched for free. Some folks are just greedy for no reason! But you’ll have that!

When I confronted the group they basically took over my website changed the password and I never had access to my so-called website again. I didn’t let that deter me, I took a mental break from that negativity. But I’m back for the challenge again!

This has been a learning experience for me but I would say don’t let that stop you! Keep going because there’s always some good people out there to help you.

This actually fueled my fire even more to do it on my own and to make sure that I include my resources so that the proper folks are credited and hopefully it helps someone.

One thing that I did was to signup for updates and started following a few legit bloggers and entrepreneurs on social media for tips and tricks that they use to help them with blogging.

I get google now cards on all of my mobile devices and it caters to my interests on blogging tips and tricks and ways to earn extra cash!

Here are a few resources that I recommend you check out.

The work at home woman

Real ways to earn money online

Money making mommy

I’m currently exploring the Elite Blog Academy since I like blogging!

These are just a few of the sites that I’ve been tapping into for job leads and work at home opportunities. I give them all a good rating because they all provide good information and honesty.  I can appreciate that any day!

Be sure to check back often for updates!

Until next time…with chocolate on top!








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